01 Mar 2018

Three Reasons to Hire an Elder Law Attorney

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Elder law is a broad term that describes the complex legal and financial issues that face people as they get older. Elder law can include documents and issues like wills, power of attorney, and living trusts. There are many complicated issues that can and will arise as an individual enters their twilight years. Sometimes funds need to be set aside for home care or nursing care, or the distribution of assets after death. Elder law attorneys are there to handle these issues and assist them in making the right decisions in accordance to their clients’ wishes.

In addition to the general advantage of having a professional experienced in all matters of elder law in your corner, here are three more reasons to consider hiring an elder law attorney:

Elder Law Issues are Handled at the State Level

Every state has different regulations and procedures for handling elder law issues. There is no universal elder law statute. If you have assets in states other than the one you live in, this can make elder law matters and some estate planning matters within the elder law realm even more complicated.

Each state has very specific laws governing what can and can’t be included in a will, trust, financial power of attorney document, advance medical directive and more. A local elder law attorney will be an expert in that area’s specific laws and can help you draw up these legal documents in ways that will most benefit you.

Mistakes are Costly

Filling out legal documents yourself, such as a Medicaid application or an estate-planning document can save you a few dollars initially, but you’re taking a large risk by not letting an attorney at least go over the forms to look for errors and other issues that could cause problems later. If it turns out you don’t qualify for Medicaid or your medical or financial power of attorney is not legally valid because of some small mistake, it could cost thousands of dollars to re-do or correct these issues. Four eyes on any document are always better than two.

Elder Law Attorneys can Help you Resolve Complex Financial and Family Situations

There are many touchy situations that are simply better handled by a legal professional. With all the pressure that can come with financial estate planning or future medical care, there are several life situations that are difficult to navigate in this realm, such as recent divorce, a disabled family member, you own one or more businesses, or you have real estate or other assets in more than one state. An elder law attorney will make sure that your wishes and plans are executed according to your plans in spite of these and many other complications.

Finding a quality elder law attorney who is well-versed your state’s regulations is crucial to plan out complex estate-planning issues and create opportunities for help when you need it. An elder law attorney can help make sure your wishes are carried out later in life.


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