Don’t Disinherit your Children or GrandChildren : Use a Pre Nuptial Agreement and Marital Trust

Here is an all to common  problem in estate planning:   Dad (usually it is the Dad not the Mom who creates this problem) is a single parent due to the death or divorce of his children’s mother.   Dad remarries but doesn’t do a pre-nuptial agreement or post-nuptial agreement.  Worse, he does a will or living Trust and.. read more →

Cities and Counties Served by James Morgan LLC

James Morgan, Esq., and James Morgan LLC, proudly serving the following Colorado Counties and Cities in Estate planning, wills, trusts, conservatorships and guardianships, as well as Business law, Corporations, Limited liability companies and securities and insurance fraud: Denver Broomfield Thornton Northglenn Golden Westminster Evergreen Frisco Silverthorne Breckenridge Aurora Greenwood Village Loveland Frederick Lafayette Longmont Boulder.. read more →

Husband wants to Disinherit Son – Using a Trust to Protect your Kids from Disinheritance

Recently the Wall Street Journal published an article concerning a terminally ill patient wanting to protect her son from accidental disinheritance. That article can be found here: In the article’s context, the husband may not be willing to amend their estate plan to protect the son.  But here is what the husband and wife.. read more →

Prince – Reason to do Estate Planning

Prince has died!   The reclusive star’s death shocked and surprised the musical world. But Prince’s death has (hopefully) caused people to think about the one important thing they don’t want to think about: estate planning and the possibility of becoming disabled, or worse, dying. So what have you done for your own estate planning?   It was.. read more →

Medicaid – Spend Down

So often a son or daughter has a parent needing to go into assisted living or a nursing home but has too many assets to qualify for Medicaid.  Medicaid is a state and federal program which offers assistance with nursing home expense (and, in Colorado, assisted living expense, as well).   The son or daughter will.. read more →

Property out of State? – Living Trust May be Ideal Solution!

Do you own real property out of state?   If so, using a Living Trust for your estate plan may be an ideal solution for you. Think of a living trust as acting like a will, except it can avoid probate.  Probate is a state ordered process of filing forms with a local District Court just to obtain.. read more →