Three Reasons to Hire an Elder Law Attorney

Elder law is a broad term that describes the complex legal and financial issues that face people as they get older. Elder law can include documents and issues like wills, power of attorney, and living trusts. There are many complicated issues that can and will arise as an individual enters their twilight years. Sometimes funds.. read more →

Securities or Stockbroker Fraud: How it Happens and What You can do

Securities fraud, also called investment fraud or stockbroker fraud, happens when an investment advisor, stockbroker or brokerage company gives clients incomplete, inaccurate, or otherwise biased information designed to make the advisor, broker, or firm richer, as opposed to the investor or client. There have been many instances of securities fraud in recent years, both at.. read more →

What are Living Trusts

James Morgan Law helps elderly individuals protect their assets. One way to protect older people from large expenses in the future is to set up a living trust that can be used to prepare for nursing home or moving costs. Living trusts are typically revocable trusts, allowing the trustee to revoke the trust at any.. read more →

Is a Living Trust Right for You

Living Trusts aren’t right for everyone, but they are right for many.  A trust may be the right vehicle for you under the following circumstances: You are concerned about the management of your assets if you become disabled or under an incapacity?   Living Trusts are great for managing assets in the event of disability if.. read more →

Don’t Disinherit your Own Kids or Grandkids!

Here we go again.  Another horror story where Dad had kids from a prior marriage but left all to the step mother, thus she (and ultimately her kids) inherited everything, leaving Husband’s kids with nothing. Here is what happened.   A couple years ago I gave seminar on estate planning and living trusts.   Living Trusts are.. read more →

Stepmothers and Stepfathers: Can they take the kids inheritance?

You bet they can!!!   Whew!!   Is this a common problem. Dad remarries and starts putting assets in his new wife’s name.  His intent is for his new wife to provide for his own children after he dies.  And maybe the stepmother even agrees with him that she will do so.  Unfortunately, it usually does not work.. read more →

Locations served by James Morgan Law

James Morgan, Esq., and James Morgan LLC, proudly serving the following Colorado Counties and Cities in Estate planning, wills, trusts, conservatorships and guardianships, as well as Business law, Corporations, Limited liability companies and securities and insurance fraud: Denver Broomfield Thornton Northglenn Golden Westminster Evergreen Frisco Silverthorne Breckenridge Aurora Greenwood Village Loveland Frederick Lafayette Longmont Boulder.. read more →

Living Trusts and your Financial Future – Disability Planning

  Clients often ask me why I favor a living trust over a will and durable power of attorney.   A Living Trust is not for everyone, but one good advantage is the power the trustee has to immediately step in and start making decisions on your behalf in the event of you become disabled. For example,.. read more →

What is Medicaid?

What is Medicaid? Medicaid is a needs-based assistance program organized and funded by both the federal and state government.   Medicaid will cover expenses for unskilled, nonmedical personnel either in the home or a long term care facility.  In Colorado, unlike many states, Medicaid may pay for both nursing home care and assisted living expenses. To.. read more →

What is a Living Trust?

A living trust is a written legal document that is basically a will substitute, except that if done properly it allows you to avoid probate.    With a living trust, your assets such as your home, bank and brokerage accounts are titled in your living trust.   Retirement accounts should never be titled in a living trust.. read more →